Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lennox update 06/14/2012

UPDATE: As of this morning, 06/14/2012, Lennox has not been destroyed yet.  There may be additional efforts that can be pursued through the English Court system outside Northern Ireland, and my understanding is that those are being considered.  Please keep Lennox in your thoughts as the end of the line may not have been reached.  I know directly that there are willing sanctuaries that will shelter Lennox outside the jurisdiction of the Northern Ireland authorities and thereby keep the residents safe from this apparentl public threat.  I have made myself available to go to Northern Ireland if needed to evaluate him-after all I am a) male, b) a retired police officer, c) a Certified Behavior Consultant, d) a former animal control agency director responsible for determining whether dogs are legally dangerous and e) highly experienced in evaluation and training/rehab of what Northern Ireland lists as "prohibited dogs".  I believe that those qualifications are well in excess of the BCC's star witness.  And although Sarah Fisher has presented reasonable and supportable conclusions assessing Lennox, her gender seem to weigh against her credibility in the Irish Courts-a factor that is honestly incredible to me.

In any case, if the Court really wishes a competent, fact based and objective evaluation from a male retired police officer familiar with the breed involved AND who has conducted evaluations of over thirty animals that have killed humans, coupled with contact and evaluation of hundreds of dogs adjudged as legally dangerous, I am willing to start from go and give a thorough and fair, observation based assessment of Lennox noting his strengths and warts all, as an independent and qualified, credentialed and dispassionate observer.  And if he qualifies for sanctuary placement, and the BCC requires competent, secure transport by someone able to insure that Lennox will not ravage the countryside on his way out of the country, I can personally escort him (probably without SAS assistance) to his safe exit.

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