Saturday, November 10, 2007

A First Look.

Let me introduce myself and this blog for a minute.
I am Jim Crosby of Jacksonville, Florida, and I investigate fatal dog attacks around North America. I have carved a bit of an unusual niche for myself, in that I have combined the training and experience of a police career with my dog training and behavior experience to really look at canine aggression, particularly fatal dog attacks, in detail. My investigations are typically done on-scene; I travel to the site, investigate the incident, interview any witnesses or surviving victims, speak to family and friends, and try and get a picture of the dog(s) and their environment. I then, when possible, actually handle and evaluate the dog(s) that have killed people.
This combination results, I believe, in a collection of data never before attempted, a collection that far exceeds the investigations of the past. Previously, most investigations were by "experts" sitting at a desk reading someone else's reports. Those "investigations" ignored the setting, ignored the dynamics of the interactions between people and dogs, and completely missed the depth of information the dog can give. Information gathered remotely through reading Police and Animal Control reports is, at best, filtered throught the eyes of the initial reporter. Details are lost, and assumptions (sometimes erroneous) are allowed to spread. Information gleaned from reading press and media reports is often simply wrong, altered to make the story more saleable, to sell advertising space, and to generate ratings.
This blog will present the information as I find it. I will give as many details as possible, protecting the dignity of the victim and family, and working within the constraints that sometimes arise when dealing with open criminal or civil cases.
Please continue to stop by and read these posting. I will do my best to keep them informative, factual, and current.
Thanks for your interest.

Jim Crosby

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