Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Upcoming schedule of seminars and appearences: WARNING-CONTAINS ME

For the many people who have asked for my schedule of appearences for the next couple of months, here it is. Brace yourselves!
April 24, 25: Alfred College, Alfred (Rochester) New York-the 24th is for LEOs, "Investigation of Animal Attacks for Law Enforcement", the 25th is "Dealing with Aggressive Animal Behavior: Training for Animal Care Personnel" Contact by email for registration at
May 13-20: New Jersey with New Jersey Aid for Animals. Seminars on several days, including one on May 18 for the public and a couple radio/media visits. Also appearence with Camp Bow Wow for their bite safety kids program. Contact Kathy McGuire for details of individual sessions and times.
May 21st: Augusta, Georgia. Join me and my friend and colleague Attorney Claudine Wilkins as we contribute to the EMSc Day Conference at Georgia Regents University. We will be speaking about dog law, dog bite prevention, and strategies for First Responders to guard their and their patients' safety when dealing with dog encounters.
May 30-31: Victoria Stilwell and I , with a few of the best trainers in the world, present our National Bite Prevention Conference just outside London, England. This is a public event and all are welcome to attend. Check with the Victoria Stilwell Positively website for more information or look here:
June 16-17: Dog Attack and Bite Investigation Seminar at Wood Green Animal Sanctuary, Cambridgeshire, England. Link here: Jim Crosby 2014 Seminar Update

Please, if you are nearby (or want an excuse to travel!) come on and join us.  The events in New Jersey will be supporting the efforts of New Jersey Aid for Animals. The Seminar at Wood Green supports the rescue and sheltering work of the Wood Green Animal Sanctuary. The Dog Bite Prevention Conference supports the Victoria Stilwell Positively Foundation and Victoria's extensive work to improve owner and child safety around pet dogs and her work to promote positive based training methods. 

I hope to make these very informative and also entertaining seminars, despite the fact that some of the subjects are very serious. Those aimed at Animal Care personnel will be more technical on the behavioral side. Those for Law Enforcement will address more enforcement and invetigative issues. The Bite Prevention Conference is dedicated to education and information aimed at reducing the needless negative interactions between humans and our canine companions that happen each year, with information linking welfare and training issues to these incidents.

So come on out. Meet with me, my friends, and other interested professionals and doggie folks and hopefully you will take home a few ideas on how to improve your relationship with you furry friends.